There are a few blogs I read regularly and one of those – without fail – is Bakerella. From the moment I saw those cupcake cake pops I was hooked. She never fails to make incredibly beautiful amazing things and she seems like a really wonderful person even though I’ve never met her personally.

One day a few weeks ago  was reading Bakerella’s most recent post where she mentioned some cookbooks she’d recently purchased and one in particular caught my eye… Handheld Pies. For those of you that don’t know, the reason I love baking so much all goes back to my grandmother who lived directly across the street from us as I was growing up. She baked all the time, and always let me help and every single time I bake I think of her. My grandmother made amazing pies – often, but for the LIFE of me I cannot make a decent pie crust. This book about handheld pies caught my attention, but as I did some research on this book I found myself led to another book called “Cutie Pies” that I ended up getting instead.  I liked the idea of making little tiny pies, handheld pies, pies on sticks, etc. While I love the book, my pie making skills still need some work. I made the All Butter Crust, but it still wasn’t right. I attempted to make mini apple pies, but the crust wasn’t right and they didn’t taste amazing. Once I added some vanilla ice cream, though – they were half decent.

I was also just given a new pie recipe (and flour!!) from a work colleague so I’ll be trying that soon and I’ll let you know how it goes!