A co-worker of mine recently made lemon ice cream for a work luncheon and it was amazing. Really light, refreshing, but not too lemony. Sometimes things that are too lemony can taste perfumey and no one likes that. So after I tried her lemon ice cream I begged her for the recipe and she handed it to me just a few minutes later. I glanced at it and immediately loved it because it was so simple and had only four ingredients. I got the recipe five days ago and somehow between then and now I’ve managed to lose it somewhere – BUT – that’s ok. I did a quick google search and found a recipe fairly close to what I remember that one being and it was just as easy. This recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk while the other called for sugar, but I think you end up with something pretty similar. It’s perfect for summer – Extra-Quick No-Cook Meyer Lemon Ice Cream.

I will also tell you that I have no idea what a Meyer Lemon is, but the regular lemons I had in my fridge worked just fine. I also didn’t use heavy cream and milk, I used 3 cups of half and half. I also didn’t use table salt – I used kosher salt. It’s all about making what you have – work.