You know that feeling you have when you eat something that’s so rich it kind of makes you feel like you should just drive to the Emergency Room so you’re there when the heart attack hits you? Yeah – this is one of those foods. I found this while looking through Pinterest recently and I thought it sounded good so I gave it a try tonight. Now, as fair warning the original poster did say, “It’s very rich so I would recommend having it paired with something else – salad would be great. I ate a small portion of it and was stuffed.” but come on – who really listens to stuff like that?

This recipe is SO. RICH. Seriously – like one bite would be plenty. I love the flavor though, so you could probably (maybe) just find ways to make it less rich? Probably not. It’s one of those dishes that just is what it is so if you don’t like what it is – you shouldn’t eat it. This will serve a TON of people though, because it’s so rich and filling so for a bunch of guests you truly could serve a nice salad and maybe some sorbet or fruit for dessert and you’d be set for an easy dinner party. It’s delicious.