Recently, while looking at foodgawker I noticed that a lot of people were posting the same recipe so I did a little digging and realized they were all part of a group called the “Daring Bakers”. I did a little more digging and found their group on the Daring Kitchen website. I love baking, so I figured I’d see if I could be a part of this and tada…. they let me in!

Each month on the first day of the month, they post a challenge that you have a few weeks to work on, and then a specific date is provided when everyone in the group can post the challenge publicly to their own personal blogs. ┬áThis month – for my first challenge – it was Pate a Choux filled swans. I KNOW, RIGHT!?! What the heck! I was thinking it’d be a pie or cake or something. How foolish of me! After freaking out a little bit, I calmed down and realized that it probably wouldn’t be that difficult. I’d made pate a choux before, it wasn’t hard, and how hard could CREAM be? I got this.

So here’s the post for this month – as you can see, I also made some cutie-cute pate a choux turtles. They’re super awesome if I do say so myself.