I absolutely love the combination of chocolate and peppermint and this time of year you can find it everywhere. I even had a “Peppermint Patty” latte a few weeks ago at the cutest little coffee shop in my hometown. It was absolutely delicious. I wish I could have one every day.

I saw these cookies posted by Bakerella the other day and decided to give them a shot. It’s snowing outside, it’s Sunday, and it’s just a few weeks before Christmas so that means it’s the PERFECT day to bake. These were pretty easy even if they were kind of messy having to roll balls before putting them on a cookie sheet – but they were definitely worth it.

Things I might do differently next time:
1. Maybe try to chop/crush some of the m&ms before putting them in the cookie mix. Not necessary, but it might be interesting.

You can find the recipe on Bakerella’s blog.