I haven’t been doing much baking lately because I’ve been focused on other things, but it’s that time of year! I made these cookies for the first time last year and really loved them. My ex-husband’s grandmother used to make these and I think I found a recipe that’s pretty close to how she made them. I do think that I’d tone down the almond/lemon extracts just a smidge the next time I make them (note to self: tone down the extracts next time – maybe a SMIDGE less almond). Still delicious, though, just as written! Oh – side note, I also didn’t dip the ENTIRE cookie in the glaze. I just turned the cookies upside down and dipped the tops into the glaze. It runs down all over the tops anyway and I didn’t want the entire cookie glazed. Also, you can slightly tint the glaze with food coloring if you so desire. I did a light pink on some other cookies, but I honestly think the white glaze looks prettier.

Here’s the recipe.