I was watching my favorite food network chef (Ina Garten) the other night and she was making a gorgeous grilled vegetable salad. The salad is a panzanella which means (in very basic terms) a vegetable salad with bread and dressing.

I’m almost slightly embarrassed to say that I’d never made a panzanella salad before but if I was going to make one for the first time, you can bet your ass it would be Ina’s. I trust very few people in this world, but damnit Ina Garten is one of those people. She’s a little pretentious and her laugh makes me crazy, but the woman knows what she’s doing.

This was pretty easy to put together although I did have to go to three different stores to find champagne vinegar that I will likely only ever use again in another panzanella salad.

This is the perfect time of year to make this with gardens full of tomatoes and peppers. Grill up some bread, whip up a dressing, and enjoy.


Ina Garten Grilled Panzanella Salad